Mercy, Target, and Back to School….

If anyone wants to have a taste of Hades, just go to Target during the back to school sale.There is no fire or brimstone, but there are people acting like all of life depends on getting the .50 pack of crayons for their baby. I almost got ran over by a woman pushing a shopping cart Ironman style on her way to the notebook paper.

I was never like that! I was way worse. However, underneath all the cringy angst is the perfect window into my back to school brain. I am a teacher– juggler of many hats as my students and I shift from summer to academia. I am a tornado and lion tamer and that cute, albeit psychotic, chihuahua all rolled into one. When I come home, I resemble a cave-woman at times. I’m sure I cooked dinner, but there’s a slight chance everyone just ate cereal and continued making eye contact until it was safe to run away.

At times like this, when life is more Target store than the idyllic euphoria we’re all so used to, I need mercy more than ever.

The truth is, we all have storms, and some of them feel like they are out to get us.


Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in You my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge, until the destroying storms pass by. I cry to God Most High, to God Who fulfills His purpose for me. Psalm 57:1-2


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When I read these verses, they make me fall deeper in love with God. They just do. And I wanted to share a few points that come to mind when I read them.
My life has a purpose. It’s not a mindless meandering from point A to B, as some might say. I might have storms to contend with. I might need to cry out and claim God as shelter, but I do so as a beloved child, created from my first breath with a purpose.

God’s nature is to be merciful and protective. God’s mercy is without limit. God’s protection gathers around me, like the protection of a bird’s wings. It is intimate and personal.

God is about fulfilling His purpose, not mine, for me. How hard that is for an American girl steeped in Disney Princess philosophy that if I can just dream and hope hard enough, then I can do whatever I want. Um, thank God I can’t.

If you have a kid going back to school, God bless them, and please find it in your heart to bless that kid’s teacher. If you are a teacher, let’s join together in prayer to make this school year one in which God is glorified and His Kingdom is added to. We are impacting the next Einsteins, Winfreys, Pauls, Marys….


O God,

Bring us such clarity that we trust in Your greatness and mercy even in the storm. Help us trust You so intently, that we believe wholeheartedly that You use every instance in life to fulfill Your purpose for our lives.

God, will You please bless all of the teachers and students around the world? Will You please place Your hand of protection, godly wisdom, and purpose on their lives? God, will You please raise up the next generation of on-fire, all-in Christ followers? Let Your Kingdom be added to, and help us all to know that with You all things are possible, and that includes Your will for our classroom and beyond.

In the mighty name of Jesus,


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  1. I love your wit. 🙂 Yes, I feel the same as you. God strengthens us and comforts us and gives us peace. After all, that’s Who He is. Incidentally, my boys and I are going to Target today to shop for school supplies. Pray for us. LOL But we’re only getting a few items because they don’t get supply lists online. When they go to their classes Tuesday (that’s when they start school), they’ll find out what they need. That’s how their school works. We are also going to their open house today to meet their teachers and see their classrooms. And their school HAS THE MOST OUTSTANDING TEACHERS! We are blessed. 🙂 I admire your occupation as a teacher. They are very special. 🙂 God bless.


    1. God bless your family as you go back to school. I hope the year is bursting with the Presence of God.

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      1. Thanks, Julieanne!


  2. James A. Riddle III says:

    Julie, Your words are beautiful and timely. God Bless you and all the students and everyone you come in contact with today, tomorrow and in the future. Yoy are loved.


  3. Amen, what a powerful and great post! I am blessed.


    1. Thank you Patricia. It is a beautiful thing to serve God wherever He leads us.


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