God’s “OK” and ours

God’s OK and ours is not the same.

When I reach out for peace, I cry out to God for some type of homeostasis–LORD, take me back to the way things were. Before, you know. Everything changed. 

Take me back to the time when I could hug my dad without a nagging feeling in the background. Or could gather with friends and exhale. Truly. 

Take me back to that place of peace. God. Please.

But God’s “OK” is not the same as mine. God wants me to push deeper into Him. The last thing He wants for me, or you ,is to have stagnant faith. And nothing plateaus faith like comfort and predictability.

Take the last few years. Christians have had a choice. Insist on worldly peace which shatters with one look of any headline.  

Or take Christ into the chaos. Let Him build peace in the upside down-ness of how the world can feel right now.

John 14:27 states: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Jesus clearly stated the peace He offers is not the same as the world. In fact, it might look a lot like disruption before it looks like calm.  Why else would there be a command to not be troubled or afraid? Jesus’ peace rises up in the midst of circumstances which could potentially shake us.  

The peace Jesus offers is the kind that sticks with you–that actually has something to offer you when everything falls out and all you have is Him.

God’s Almighty “OK” is not the same as ours.

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