Religious Crust and the Walking Dead

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.” Luke 24:5 I remember the day I fake gave my life to Christ. I was at a church camp and the speaker was really loud and seemed to specialize in how awful hell was. I was a fornicator….

It never really makes it better…

And I was too busy to prepare myself for the tidal wave of emotional pain that would wash over me. It was just a college campus tour or two. But, when I saw my sons walk onto campus, towards the next chapter in their lives, it was like two seeds being blown away from me, slipping…

Forgiveness and the Flying Boulder

  Dear random Catholic priest who was just trying to perform a wedding ceremony. In Latin. When I was sitting next to my best friend in high school. Who, as it turns out, can do an amazing impersonation of a priest performing a wedding ceremony in Latin. I. Am. Sooo. Sorry. Also, my apologies to the…

Four easy steps to open heart surgery

  I’m often tempted to immediately dismiss any person who proclaims that Christianity is easy. That taking up your cross and following Jesus is a simple feat. There are books and podcasts and flyers stuck on windshields that mislead people into thinking that an all transforming relationship with God can be done in three easy steps….

Help for Spiritual Weenies

Have a difficult time being strong and courageous? This might help even the most dedicated spiritual weenies!